Not as think as you drunk I am


Dear Hillary,

My Thai GF has begun getting drunk when she goes out with her GFs.  They think it’s a joke, because she gets hopeless.  I have told her to stop the drinking, but once she starts she cannot stop until she’s falling down drunk again.  Is she an alcoholic, or what?  Is there a clinic she can go to?


Dear Ivan,

Your GF has a problem, which means that you have a problem as well.  No easy way out of this, but see if you can discuss it with her when she’s sober.  If she will admit to a problem she is halfway there towards getting over this problem.  The major hospitals all have clinics for this very common problem.  You didn’t say how long she has been like this, so make sure she’s not drinking because of you!  But if she’s drinking champagne you should send it to me, c/o the Pattaya Mail office.