The great road scam


Dear Hillary,

Have you noticed all the work that has been done in our cities recently?  I move around a lot with my job and the traffic is just hopeless everywhere these days, not just in Bangkok.  In Chiang Mai there appears to be endless work going on tearing up the footpaths and putting them back down again.  In Pattaya they tear up the whole road, lay concrete, produce instant traffic jams and then move on to the next road.  In Jomtien they tore up the footpath, laid bricks, then built another footpath and then erected ornamental lights every five meters.  Not satisfied with that, they then put in more lights, making more traffic snarls.  The rebate for first time car buyers will have increased the traffic as well.  Is this a national plot, or national madness?

Rote Dit Robby

Dear Rote Dit Robby,

I doubt if it is part of a national traffic scam, but it certainly is one way to cut down the road toll.  Over New Year we became the hub of road tolls if you noticed, as well as everything else.  Stationary cars don’t run over pedestrians.  It also keeps the concrete industry very healthy, and the road construction business is having a boom time.  You might have to find an alternative transport system.  Have you considered investing in a helicopter?