Chocolates, lovely chocolates!


Dear Hillary,

We know you like chocolates, but last year we took some chocolate candy and some of those strange jellied candies in little cups (and some real food) out to one of the children’s homes.  None of the children wanted the chocolates and all wanted the jellied candy.  Do Thais – especially the ladies – not have taste for chocolate?  I thought all women loved chocolates.  And if they do, where is a good place to buy quality boxed chocolates?


Dear Chocoholic,

You should be able to smell out chocolate stores from 40 meters, Petal.  However, I see you are from overseas, so I forgive you.  Thailand has some of the best chocolate in the world, just remember to bring your wallet, Petal so you can afford them (and remember the champagne and extra chocolates for Ms. Hillary).  Actually, whether Thais like chocolate depends upon where they come from.  The Esarn peoples tend not to like sugary sweet things and chocolate is amongst that.  By comparison, the southern Thais have a much sweeter tooth.  Hillary?  Well now, where do you get nice chocolates?  It’s easy, you just pop down to the big supermarkets like a good boy and you will find quality boxed chocolates there.  Wrap them securely, with a label addressed to Hillary, c/o the Pattaya Mail and I will get them.  Thank you in advance, and also a big thank you for remembering the children less fortunate than ourselves.