My expat mates are all married to Thai women


Dear Hillary,

My expat mates are all married to Thai women, and we have a gathering at least once a week.  It used to be a blokes night, a few beers and such and the women would get together and make som tum and have a giggle.  Over the past few months, the number of women has increased and the number of blokes has gone down as some of us had to go back overseas or work off-shore.  This means that the som tum party has taken over and it’s gone from one night a week to every night of the week.  What should we do now?  Go off and have our own party down the pub or what?

Geoff and the boys

Dear Geoff and the boys,

Since the weekly meeting has gone out of your control, you now don’t like it.  I think all that you can do now is take the party to the pub as you suggest, but I would advise you to take the wives with you, or the whole thing will get out of hand.  Remember that the power of Isaan som tum is irresistible.  Don’t fight it.