I have just found out that my husband


Dear Hillary,

I have just found out that my husband has been having regular massages at a massage salon close to his work.  He has not said anything to me, but the neighbor spotted his car outside on more than one occasion.  Should I confront him, or wait till he says something?  I can always say the neighbors told me.

Massage Marie

Dear Massage Marie,

There’s massages and “massages”, my Petal, and a lot depends upon which type.  Many people enjoy a physical massage or a foot massage and these types are totally above board.  However, there are also the soapy water massages, which are very much behind closed doors.  Husbands and wives should not have secrets from each other, so I suggest the idea of bringing the subject up because the neighbors told you his car was seen outside is the best way.  However, do not jump to conclusions, or accuse your husband, until you have some proof of philandering.  He may have parked the car there as it was as close as he could get to his nearby office.  He might have also just slipped out of the office to buy a newspaper… but on the other hand!