Mother problems


Dear Hillary,

I have fallen very much in love with the cashier at the local optical shop.  She seems quite interested in me, we have been out together a few times, but there is one problem in our relationship.  I asked if I could come and meet her parents, but she immediately said no, and when I asked why she said because her mother does not like farangs.  I sort of feel that if this relationship is to progress any further I am going to have to get over the mother problem.  Any advice Hillary?

Myopic Mark


Dear Myopic Mark,

You’re not the leader of the Democrat party are you?  Anyway he’s not a farang, he was just educated in farangland.  Now then, your short-sightedness extends beyond your glasses I am afraid.  Before you go any further and make a spectacle of yourself, I would suggest you have to tread warily and slowly.  The wooing you have to do is with the mother, not the daughter, Petal.  Send flowers or a buffalo, or whatever is required, to mother before making the next move on the young damsel.  On second thoughts, have you tried the girl in the dentist surgery next door?  Your optical romance sounds as if it has terminal teething problems.