Bar versus restaurant


Dear Hillary,

I used to be very friendly with a girl in a local café and often used to just say hello, as her English was not very good.  About three months ago she disappeared and the new waitress could not tell me where she had gone.  However, I bumped into her in a shopping center the other day and her English was much better, so I decided to ask her out for dinner.  She told me she couldn’t go as she was working in a bar in South Pattaya, but I could see her there.  Hillary I was just so disappointed.  How could a sweet young girl from a restaurant turn into yet another bar girl?  I still like her a lot.  Should I try to get her to leave?  She’s much too nice for the bar work.



Dear Jimmy,

In a word, No! There’s an old saying – You can take a girl out of a bar but you can’t take the bar out of the girl!  If that’s what your sweet young thing wants to do, you have to accept it.  Just think about it from her side of the fence.  She did not make much money as a waitress, the hours she works in the bar are up to her, and she gets to meet lots of native English speakers, as well as just you.  She’s made her decision and you have quite frankly nothing better to offer her.

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