Marrying for money


Dear Hillary,

Some of the forums round town are cracking on about Thai women wanting to marry foreigners because they are “rich”.  Sure, the average foreigner who lives in Thailand has more money than the average worker in Thailand, but there are lots who make less than the upper level Thais do.  They also forget that it is natural for men to fall for a Thai lady, because that’s who there is to choose from in this country.  So is there anything wrong with a foreigner falling in love with a Thai lady and vice versa?  I know of plenty of couples and the foreigner is just a pensioner and they don’t have much money at all, but have a good marriage.  The only reason that foreigners get burned is when they put themselves in the position of choosing from the bar girls, who are there to make money, they aren’t looking for love.  There should be no confusion.  You’ve told them often enough Hillary.


Dear Johnno,

Yes I have told them, my Petal, but every year there comes a fresh batch of starry eyed foreigners ready to buy the gold and then the house, the land, the medical bills for father, the motorcycle for the brother and veterinary bills for the buffalo.  But you can help try and get them to see that a one week liaison is not the foundation for a good long marriage!  Unless, of course, the groom has very deep pockets which can last until he shuffles off, leaving everything to his bride (and her family).