How much for the Mia Chow?


Dear Hillary,

(Regarding Singha Jerry’s letter supporting ‘Mia Chow’ “salaries”)  Let’s not be too hard on Jerry, he has not been here long enough, let him spend every night in Walking Street and thereabouts, and why not.  Jerry is a happy guy and I’m sure after a few years he will wake up and understand.  I hope he does, if he doesn’t, then maybe we will be reading Jerry’s letters again.

Thai Mark

Dear Thai Mark,

I am glad to hear that Jerry is a happy guy, because, like you I don’t think he will be a happy guy forever.  “Salaries” are paid to servants.  Wives are not servants.  However, I am glad to see that male chauvinism hasn’t died out, and Jerry appears to be the ring leader in Pattaya.  I look forward to meeting him.