Last week you published a letter from a guy


Dear Hillary,

Last week you published a letter from a guy called Mike who complained that even despite giving his GFs a salary, they still got into a snit every so often.  How old is this guy, Hillary?  Women, just like men, can be subject to different moods and money hasn’t anything to do with it, unless you are ‘keeneeow’ and give the girl nothing to live on.  It’s not a salary, but in any relationship there should be some sharing of duties and expenses, and the woman is the one who looks after the housekeeping expenses.  If you can’t trust the woman, then you shouldn’t be in the relationship, and stay single, footloose and fancy free, as they say.  Salaries and snits do not cancel each other out.  Hillary you hit it on the head when you said, “Maids get salaries, partners are not maids, and it is time men like you realized the difference.”


Dear George,

Thank you for backing up my words from last week.  There are so many expats in Thailand who think they can buy everything here, including live-in girlfriends.  Certainly it is possible to buy many things in this country, but you cannot buy love or devotion or a woman – without her mood swings.  That’s just part of being a woman, Petal, and Mike from last week has some growing up to do, I’m afraid.  He hasn’t learned much in his life so far.  But I am sure there will be some women who will give him what he wants, at a price, for a short time.