Ladyboy love?


Dear Hillary,

You have been warning everyone about the dangers of falling in love with bar girls, though I can see just how easy it is.  They promise so much, but then…  Now here’s my problem.  I am becoming very friendly with a ladyboy, and I am sure we will end up “having an intimate relationship” (there are some words you can’t use in a family newspaper, my Petal).  What I am wondering, is there any future in this sort of relationship?


Dear Chuck,

You are asking the impossible question, Chuck.  In any relationship, be that M-F, F-F or M-M, the factors that control the future of the relationship depend upon the feelings of the two individuals, and their emotional stability and maturity.  I do not see any difference between the three types.  I know of people in these three relationships which have been steady for many years, but there are also just as many that do not last.  Go slow, Chuck, that is my advice right now.  If you were really sure, you wouldn’t be writing to me!