Dear Hillary,

Hardly a week goes by without the KOTW person wanting to tell us all about how he lives in Thailand.  I don’t know what you think about him, but he seems to me to be more of a KOTM (Keeper Of The Money) person than anything else.  That seems to be his wife’s money too.  I am ignoring that he can’t spell (and I hope I haven’t made any errors with this email, Hillary.  If I have, forgive me). Is there some way we can raise his watering hole level to a real bar, and not sitting on the steps outside the 7-Eleven?

KOTS (Keeper Of The Sanity)

Dear KOTS,

Everything finally reaches its own level Petal, and if KOTW’s level is sitting on the steps outside a 7-Eleven, then so be it.  It is not up to you or me to try and change these things.  You will find that the course of history cannot be changed by us mere mortals.  He is to be pitied, rather than scorned.

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