Eddie Jordan


I was given Eddie Jordan’s autobiography by another Irish Eddie, Eddie Irvine, the father of Eddie Irvine, the ex-Jordan and ex-Ferrari driver.  It is a hefty book and I am still plowing through it, but it is really a hoot.

Eddie Jordan is the ultimate entrepreneur, a chancer, a con, an opportunist and all with the Irish silver tongue.  I think he even puts Bernie Ecclestone in the shade.

Jordan did everything to keep racing himself, including buying and selling cars and even flogging carpet off-cuts from the village green at the weekends.

He paints wonderful pictures of all the famous motor racing names including Colin Chapman, “..one of the cleverest men ever to sit at a drawing board.  Some said he was perhaps a bit too clever at times, but I wouldn’t know about that.”

The ISBN number is 978-0-7528-8950-4, Orion Books, 2007, and it should be available through Amazon dot com.  Get hold of a copy.  It is a great book.

Eddie JordanEddie Jordan