In the nood for love?


Dear Hillary,

In many Thai homes and businesses, removing your footwear is required and, in my home, removal of all clothing is mandatory! I really like naked women. Even the maids enjoy the freedom of movement and admiring glances! People aren’t born with clothes so this is a semi religious ceremony. Men are excluded! C’mon over, my fridge has only champagne and chocolates in it.

Naked Norman


Dear Naked Norman,

What an offer! A fridge full of champagne and chocolates just waiting for Hillary, as long as I join the semi religious nude group that you are running. I am not sure that is such a good idea, as at least one of us is going to be disappointed. For example, you did not say where the chocolates came from, and not a mention of which vineyard or vintage of the champagne. No, that’s really too much of a risk for me to take, Norman.

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