Trophy wives


Dear Hillary,

Seems that many of the men who write in to you for advice, don’t really want your help, all they want to do is to show off that they have young wives. Many of them say they pay their wife a salary each month, which makes me say they haven’t got a husband/wife relationship. Husbands don’t pay their wives to stay with them, surely? Or have I got it all wrong?

Harry the Husband


Dear Harry the Husband,

I’m not sure I know what you mean? Are you in the situation of being asked for money (or a salary) by your wife, or what? The examples you bring up are very common in Thailand, with these girls being called “mia chow” (or “rented” wives). This is very different from the western marriages, but is totally acceptable in Thailand (and in fact all of SE Asia). If you are being asked for money (salary) by your GF, then it is up to you what happens. Relationships are easy to get into in Thailand, but there is always a cost, one way or another.