Hillary unmasked?


Dear Hillary,

I was in at the Pattaya Mail last week and saw an (may I say it) “elderly” lady sitting at a desk in the back of the office.  Was that you?  Like lots of people here, I’ve been dying to meet you and see what you look like.  Did I get it right?  And is your hair done with a blue rinse?


Dear Jacob,

You must be pulling my leg, Petal.  Is Hillary a member of the ‘blue rinse set’?  No, I do not use a blue rinse, though sometimes my salon lady will add a little black to the final rinse.  No, I do not have an office desk at the back of the ground floor, though some days it is tiring going up all those steps to my attic at the top of the building.  (I must ask the editor to install a lift!)