Divorces here and there


Dear Hillary,

I noticed there was a letter a couple of weeks ago from some chap who had gotten divorced in Europe where he was complaining about losing everything, “… divorce meant a nearly financial ruin in case the man had a good income and property and so on.  Plus the money you had to pay for the children.  You had to share what you both own (house car) and you had to pay your ex-wife too because she had to take care the children and could not work.”

The same goes for men divorcing in Australia and I believe in America.  You can see why the pre-nup agreements started coming in.  As the guy wrote, “Moaners and groaners crying for the loss of 2 million Thai baht?  Peanuts!”  Like most things in Thailand, there is a price to it, but nothing like it is in the western world.  And yes, I’ve been divorced too.


Dear Johnson,

I can see you are still bitter about it too.  Unfortunately, every marriage break-up has a price, both emotionally and financially, and there is no “Wisdom of Solomon” rule book to make it simple and cheap.  Unfortunately, Petal, the answer is to not rush into marriage, even though divorce is cheaper here.  Remember that decisions made in haste are repented at leisure.