Heart to Heart – May 31, 2019


World affairs

Dear Hillary,

You seem to be a well educated woman, judging by your replies to some of your correspondents. However, your sisters are not as much in the know. Basic items like world geography or world history or politics as starters. It seems that the girls here are only taught “Hello sexy man” and “Buy me cola”. Aren’t they interested in world affairs?


Dear Tom,

The girls in the bars can hold their own and have affairs all over the world. You are being too general. There’s more avenues for employment than just the cola bars. The good time girls are good at what they do. The educated girls stay well clear of the bar scene. You are looking in the cheese shop for a pick axe.


Soi Half Dozen claims another victim

Dear Hillary,

Welcome to 2019 which will have lots of the same problems as 2018. I already have the son of some friends back in the UK crying on my shoulder because the love of his life from Soi Half Dozen went out with someone else last week. That was after he gave her 20,000 baht because she was behind in her rent. What can be done about these young chaps?


Dear Alex,

Were you never young once? Did you never fall in love? It is so easy for young chaps to meet professional girls and be taken in by them. The ones who can easily get a young man to hand over the contents of his wallet to assist the damsel in distress. Honestly Alex. Get your friends to read Money Number 1 by Neil Hutchinson, Private Dancer by Stephen Leather, and to look at Mike Baird’s cartoons of the ‘real’ life in Pattaya, but they don’t, do they? The old jokes about leaving their brains at the airport as they arrive is too common – and it isn’t just the young men either, my Petal, but many of your age and even older fall for the ladies of the night. What can you do for the son of your friends? Just give him a shoulder to cry on, and don’t lend him any money!


The age gap again

Dear Hillary,

Does the fact that you see so many old men in Pattaya, hand in hand with some pretty little girl, not worry you at all? I think it is most unhealthy to put it mildly. Surely they don’t think that these girls actually see them as marriage material. What is the general feeling towards this?


Dear Ruby,

What is wrong with this? These older men are not coming to Thailand to look for another wife. They are looking for an opportunity to glimpse how life was for them in their young days, my Petal. And the girls? They are looking for short term financial support that the elder men give them. I have difficulty seeing what is so wrong with this. The holiday maker has a gorgeous companion for however long he will be here, and the girl is given a good time by an attentive man. Looks like a win-win situation to me, and sounds like you have to loosen up a little, Ruby.


The patter of tiny feet?

Dear Hillary,

My GF is the sweetest thing and a delight to be with. We only have one problem and that is about whether we should have a family. She is 37, never had kids, while I am 65 and had four kids back in my home country, all grown up by now. She wants a kid before she turns 40, but I’ve done my raising kids. I keep trying to tell her that I’d be 75 by the time they finished primary school, but that doesn’t stop her. What’s your experience of this, Hillary?


Dear Gerry,

With such an age gap you must have thought about this before. She can see her chances of having children disappearing, while you are running away as fast as your 65 year old legs will carry you. It is time the two of you sat down and discussed this. She may have to trade her wish for children against a nice income from you, while you might have to trade your relaxed retirement for young children. One of you will be the loser here, I’m afraid, Petal. The only other scenario is for you both to go your separate ways, and in many ways I think that may be the only outcome. Sorry if this wasn’t the advice you were hoping to get.


Night out with the “girls”

Dear Hillary,

My live-in GF has started going out with “the girls” and getting back at 2 a.m., then 3 a.m. and even later with the best being 11 a.m. the next morning. I am supposed to believe that they go to restaurants and karaoke bars and drink and have a few laughs. Is this usual? I am getting tired of this.


Dear James,

The laughs are on you, James. You are being used by your GF. There’s more than just drinks there. Show her the door as soon as possible. It will cost you some money as a good bye gift, but it is better than living with someone who is not thinking about you at all.