A good apple in the bunch


Dear Hillary,

I am a frequent visitor to Thailand and Pattaya I have read the books written about bar girls also read with interest your column whilst in Pattaya and at home on the net, it is a great source of quality information and amusement, so I should have been prepared.

I am divorced and two years ago I met a young lady in one of the sea front bars and the usual holiday romance ensued, liking this girl too much I arranged for her to return to her family home in Chiang Mai while I returned to Liverpool and began sending her money on a monthly basis.  I can see a number of you shaking your heads already.

After lots of contact via email telephone and a few further trips back to Thailand and our feelings being even stronger, we applied for a six month visa to the UK and I brought my young lady home.  We returned to Thailand in the November last year and were married; now we reside in the UK but hope to live in Thailand by this time next year.

All my family and friends adore Lek and she brings to me fits of laughter on a daily basis, this Thai lady is a joy to be with full of genuine love affection and compassion.

Lek works extremely hard in and around the house and garden and always has a smile to give to everyone, the elderly people next door think she is a true treasure and are extremely fond of her, so am I one of the lucky ones or are the Thai girls too much maligned by a few bad apples amongst them?

Happy Harold

Dear HH,

Are you a lucky one?  I think the old hands would say you definitely are the lucky one, Petal.  However, just as there are “few bad apples” as you say, there are also a few good apples, and it would seem you have found one.  But I hasten to caution that your romance is still only two years old, with much of that time being spent apart from each other.  The ‘honeymoon’ period is still on.  For your sake (and hers) I do hope you will be just as happy in another two years.  Let me know.