One is the loneliest number


Dear Hillary,

I still wonder if the letters you get are real.  Surely people aren’t as stupid as they make themselves out to be?  It seems as though these old people are on a course of self destruction, because they all fall for the same old traps and tricks.  Are there that many lonely people out there?  Are they so lonely they will take companionship from anyone, no matter how much it costs?


Dear Lyall,

“Are there that many lonely people out there?”  Yes, Petal, there are.  Older men do get lonely and it is very difficult for them to find intimate satisfaction in the western countries, being thought of as some sort of pervert for even thinking about female company.  So you can see it is easy to understand why they come to Thailand and get caught up in the bar scene.  The problems occur when they become so involved with one of the bar ladies that they confuse the fact that they are buying rent-a-friends, not a lifetime lover.  Are the letters real?  Are the situations real?  Just re-read Harold’s letter (above yours) and you can see the genuine needs of a divorced man, which were filled by a young lady from a bar.  Perhaps not the best situation, but one that is working for him.