Second Hand or “Passive Smoke”


Attn: Dr Iain Corness;

First off, let me say you wrote a great article on the subject of second hand smoke and its affects. Your article gave several statistics and medical information on the subject. However, I doubt if it will have an effect on the situation in Pattaya’

Pattaya passed a law against smoking in restaurants and bars 9 to 10 years ago. At first there were signs posted and empty beer cans brought out for the smokers use. If a bar manager was challenged about the smoking he looked at you like you were a crazy farang and later on the signs disappeared and ash trays were back on the bars. The signs gave a duel message: “No Smoking, No Photos”. I would take out my camera and immediately a waitress would run over and say “no, no” and I would point out several smokers and point at the signs, to no avail.

Again, great article, however, I think your article will have little effect in Pattaya and your efforts might be put to better use if you started a campaign to get the bars and restaurants to obey the law and have the police enforce it! Right now, it is just another law that passed and with no enforcement like so many others.

Another approach might be to tax the hell out of cigarettes, which worked well in the U.S., where smokers are down to 25% of the population’

Thank you Pattaya Mail for the opportunity to respond to the article.


“A non- smoker dying of second hand smoke”