Drug takers – who is to blame?


Dear Hillary,

I read somewhere about a Thai wife receiving 100,000 THB each month as a “salary”, but she ended up blowing the lot on drugs and gambling and got caught.  Why do these absent husbands hand over such ridiculously large sums to these women?  100,000 THB is well above 90 percent of the salaries paid in this country, and that is for very responsible positions in big companies.  Of course money like that would go to her head.  He is just as guilty as she is, but only she will have to go to jail.  I don’t think the penalties are even-handed enough.


Dear Anna,

I’m sorry Anna, my Petal, but I really don’t agree with you.  Sure, the lady was caught and will spend time in jail, but the husband was not breaking the law, his wife was.  Some people will say that the salary he was giving her was excessive (like yourself), but he cannot be held accountable, or looked upon as an accessory to the crime.  How much he gives his wife each month depends upon many factors. As well as how much the husband is earning.  The only problem I have with the entire scenario is where are these men when I need them?  100,000 baht a month would do just fine, thank you.  And I promise not spend it all at the same casino.