Ripping right up Ron


Dear Hillary,

Please don’t think that all English people are as rude as the chap who signed himself “Ron Phuket Thailand” in last week’s column, and well done for pointing out his abysmal spelling and grammar.  Unfortunately, these self-satisfied people think they are always in the right, and for some reason think that since they came from overseas, this gives them the right to be rude to everyone not from their culture (not that Ron had much of that).  While you are playfully rude yourself at times, it is obvious to everyone (other than Ron) that this is a column for entertainment, not a psychologist’s public consulting room.  Keep up the good work Hillary.  We come from the UK ourselves and look forward to your words of wisdom every week, and thank our lucky stars we have avoided all the traps for young players.

Joyce and George

Dear Joyce and George,

Thank you for springing to my defense.  It is good to know that not everyone who considers themselves cultured is as crass as Ron.  However, let me assure you that I did not cry myself to sleep after receiving Ron’s riposte.  I get used to letters such as his.  They are not every week, because the majority of readers of the Pattaya Mail are fairly normal human beings.  Note I wrote “fairly” (just to cover myself and you)!  Thank you again for your inspirational letter, and I’ve forgotten about Ronnie Boy already.