Detective Hercule Poirot eat your heart out!


Dear Hillary!

First of all, I love your column.  But I wonder why you do not show a photo of yourself in the column?  I heard by the grapewine (sic), that you are only an alias for Iain Corness!  Hm…  He has the same style in writing, and he has shown a slightly split personality, the Doctor, the Gourmet (Ms Terry Diner).  I have also heard from Australian friends, that the doctor loves champagne and chocolates.  Time to come out from the closet?  But whoever you are, your column is worth more than the total price for the Pattaya Mail, and I wish you the best of luck!

Mr. Lelle

Dear Mr Lelle,

First of all, thank you for your contribution to the column and your request for a photo of me.  I’m sorry to disappoint you, Petal, but my image is not one that you would keep under your pillow.  Well, not since the accident, anyway.  I have spoken to Dr. Iain and he said to tell you he does admit to writing the medical column and the motoring column and also the Dining Out column under the pseudonym of Miss Terry Diner (say it quickly), but he does not admit to being Hillary.  He did say that his friends in Australia also know it is not champagne they drink down there, but sparkling wines produced by the Methode Champenoise.  And while on the fizz bottles, please note for the future it is “grapevine” not “grapewine”.  Too much “grapewine” makes people think they are great detectives!  Keep trying my Petal.  Keep trying.