A wonderful (but expensive) wife


Dear Hillary,

I read your column every week and enjoy your comments to your posters.  You have a great sense of humor!  I must be in a small minority however, because I don’t have anything to complain about.  I am married to a Thai angel who is everything I ever dreamed of.  I met her online, and when I first started writing to her she said “I am not a bar girl!  If that’s what you’re looking for, get lost!”  I had a feeling right then, that I was heading in the right direction.  After reading so many sad stories from other farang gents, I feel really blessed!  My wife is a tenured school teacher in a government school.  She is attractive, intelligient (sic), good with money, a great cook and a passionate lover!  Needless to say, her parents drove a hard bargain when it came to negotiating the sin sot, but she was worth every baht.  We’re getting ready to build a little house in Selaphum and I’m looking forward to many wonderful years with my little angel and her sweet family as well.  I hope my letter offers a little hope to those fellas who are wondering if there really is someone out there for them.


Dear David,

It is indeed nice to read of successful marriages between foreigners and Thais, as I generally only hear of the disasters.  So your wife is a school teacher, I see.  Get her to go over some spellings for you each morning, my Petal.  It is “intelligent” not “intelligient”.  Yes, you can find your soul mate through on-line dating, but you must be very careful and not commit to anything before meeting your angel.  That reminds me of the book by Mike Smith called Bangkok Angel.  Worth a read by all foreigners who are wondering about mixed marriages.  By the way, actually I am against the concept of the sin sot, unless there is a similar return if the marriage fails.  A wife is not a commodity to be bought, sold or traded.