Should I worry?


Dear Hillary,

About a year ago I set up home with a Thai girl.  Her family comes from the north east and I have been up there and met them, and they seemed nice enough farming folks.  They accepted me but I always felt a little left out at the family gatherings as they can only speak Thai and my girl had to translate all the time.  For this reason, and because I am busy at work, I have not been back up there, though my girl does go up frequently.  Is this the usual way for families behave?  If it is, I will say nothing, but she will often go back for two or three days, the last being the end of Buddhist Lent.  Have I anything to worry about?

The Worrier

Dear Worrier,

You may have lots to worry about, or nothing at all.  Are you worrying because you think she is not going back to the family rice paddy?  I am reading between the lines here.  It is very usual for daughters to go home and pay respects to their family, and often contribute financially as well.  Does your lady have children there that are being looked after by her Mama?  Honestly, Petal, it sounds very normal to me.  Caring and following the family principles will carry over to you as well, if you allow her to follow her traditions.  In the meantime you can always see your doctor for some anti-worrying pills!