Wanting to get out of The Academy


Dear Hillary,

The Academy show is over even though True repeats the programs every day for weeks.  My Thai wife eagerly showed me that horrible and inane Academy showing a bunch of kids sleeping, cleaning teeth, scratching themselves or trying to sing a song.

(In your letter, you then go on to accuse one of the trainers with child molestation and asking that he be “censored and officially criticized.”  I am sorry, but I could not print your letter as sent.  There are laws in Thailand covering libel.  You describe yourselves as a “group of pals of different nationality” and state you are unanimous in your request.)

The Thoughtful Farangs

Dear Thoughtful Farangs,

I do appreciate your letter, and the thoughts behind your communicating with me, but have you stopped to consider that perhaps your opinions may not be shared with the Thai viewing audience?  You admit in your letter that you do not speak Thai and do not watch Thai soap operas.  Have you ever stopped to consider that there might be different strokes for different folks?  If the Thai community were as upset as you, then something would have been done about the situation a long time ago.  Since the Thai viewers enjoy the show, I think that answers the question.  Take my tip, stop watching Thai shows!