Buy some ear muffs


Dear Hillary,

Have you ever been driven out of your office by noise? They are doing renovations in my condo building, and there are teams of builders coming in every day with jack-hammers and it sounds as if he is drilling his way through to China. It is going on forever and it is giving me a giant headache. I can’t sleep in the afternoons and it has been going on for weeks. I have asked the condo management but they just say that it is only day time after 8 a.m. and finish 6 p.m. so it is OK. What can I do about this? Who can I complain to now, since condo management will do nothing? Is this normal in this country?


Dear Insomnia,

No Petal, I’ve never been driven out of my condo, because I work during the day. You are just lucky that you can spend all day in bed. It’s only daytime, so go for a walk along the beach instead of living holed up in your room like some sort of bear. If you can’t do that, then I’m afraid you’re stuck. All you can do is buy some ear muffs, or a Walkman or something like that. Don’t despair, they can renovate forever, can they?

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