No tel. no tell


Dear Hillary,

I am a young man, single and considered to be not bad looking and am here on a two year contract, so I’ve got lots of opportunities to enjoy myself here. My problem comes from one of the girls I met recently in one of the bars while I was out doing the rounds, as you do. Anyway, this girl rang me at work the other day and asked if I could come over and see her at the new bar she was working in. I did remember her from her previous bar but I was embarrassed as I could be overheard by my workmates when I was talking to her, so I just kind of fobbed her off. How can I tell her it isn’t a good idea to ring me at work in a crowded office? Any suggestions?


Dear Tim,

I don’t really care how long you are here for, you have broken the cardinal rule of bar etiquette, my Petal! It’s quite simple, if you don’t want a girl to ring you at work, then don’t give her your business card, silly! If you feel the need to chat her up on the phone just give her your mobile and tell her what hours to ring you between. The girl isn’t silly, she’ll comply. But will you? That’s the question. I doubt it. You’ll be writing to me next to tell me about how you’ve been ripped off by one of these ladies of the night, and what should you do. I think you should ask to be sent home. Thailand is not the place for silly young lads like you.