Workplace problems


Dear Hillary,

One of the women in my office was always meddling in everyone else’s business, telling them what to do, and generally being very aggressive about it if anyone crossed her or contradicted her.  Nobody knew what to do about her and she was becoming a real tyrant.  When she left the company we were all very pleased, and it became a good place to work again.  However, she has started doing part-time work in the office again, and we are all dreading what is going to happen when she decides she wants to work full-time again.  She has known the boss for many years and he seems reluctant to intervene.  This has depressed everyone of us.  What should we do?



Dear Depressed Dazza,

If there’s enough of you, then just ignore her and refuse to work with her.  You all got along OK without her, so surely you can continue doing that.  If that doesn’t work, then there’s always other offices to work in.  Unfortunately these types of people do spoil it for everyone else, and there is not much you can do without the support of those higher up.