Balloons galore!


Dear Hillary,

I will admit I’m what you call a “balloon chaser”, but there are many reasons for this.  You would have read the readers letters to your newspaper and seen all the discontented British pensioners there are here.  Frozen benefits and the pound sterling going down like a lead balloon.  We are doing it tough, Hillary.  You would go chasing free roast pig too, when you’ve really got to count the pennies.  It probably doesn’t mean much to you, being a working woman, but don’t you forget we are only pensioners.  What we got ten years ago was OK to live on over here, but with the pension fixed we can’t keep going.  The embassy says they can’t help.  What can we do?  Who can we turn to?

Bob the Balloon Chaser

Dear Bob the Balloon Chaser,

I may as well be a pensioner, Bob my Petal, as I can assure you that you don’t get much sitting in an attic reading heart-rending letters, yours included.  I’m afraid there’s nothing much I can do for you, as your financial predicament is a situation that you have chosen.  You can always go back to the UK, where your pension will be eventually unfrozen, but then, you will be frozen.  Your choice, Bob.  Your choice.  Sorry I can’t help you either.

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