Dear Hillary,

What is the rate of teenage pregnancies in Thailand?  All these girls in the bars seem to have one or two anklebiters, and they’re only 17 or 18 themselves!  Maybe if the government supplied them contraceptives instead of electronic tablets it might be better.  What do you think, Hillary, you always seem to have the answers to everything and everybody.


Dear Jacques,

Thank you for your vote of confidence, but it isn’t all that easy.  I agree with you that if you could break the early pregnancy cycle then there isn’t the same reasons for the girls to take up bar work.  Mind you, then grandmother doesn’t get the 5,000 baht each month from the mother of the child who works in a “restaurant” in Pattaya making 6,000 baht a month.  I don’t necessarily agree that government supplied condoms is the answer either.  What I believe needs to be done is to teach sex education in the schools from the age of 12 years, so that these girls and boys can start to assume some responsibility for their actions.  Rumpy-pumpy is never “free”.  It might even stop the young men “fleeing the scene”!