Anti-theft devices for motorcycles


Dear Hillary,

I am thinking about buying a motorcycle but all the reports about theft has stopped me.  Is it really as bad as people say?  Is it worse than the UK for example?  Have you any ideas on how to make a motorcycle “thief proof” or should I just stick to baht busses?


Dear Valentino,

Motorcycle theft is a problem all over the world.  Not just here.  In fact, I believe that theft is so commonplace in the UK that you would be very lucky if you didn’t get your car or bike stolen at some time.  The answer is to be vigilant and lock the bike securely.  Mind you, you can never be 100 percent secure.  One chap in the UK chained the front wheel of his expensive sports car to a lamp post but when he returned the car was gone.  The front wheel was still chained to the lamp post, as all the villains had done was jack the car up and put on the spare wheel and drive away!  With bikes you have the additional problem of it being easy to throw it in the back of a pick-up.  A good chain and a stout padlock and attach it to something solid seems to be the answer.  But not to the car parked next to you!

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