Is this real love?


Dear Hillary,

Is there any real way to tell if these Thai girls really fancy you, or is it just an act?  I have met a nice one, we get along well together and we went to Phuket for a week and that was good, she says she loves me, but I’ve heard all this before and it was all just lies.  I’d like to think this one is for real, but what is the way to find out?  Help me Hillary before I get in too deep and get disappointed again.


Dear James,

I presume you met this young lady in a bar somewhere, James, as it is not so easy to get a girl holding down a good job from a traditional Thai family to just take a week off and go to Phuket with a foreigner she doesn’t really know all that well.  This being the case, you always have to take into account that protestations of “love” are the bar girl’s stock in trade.  Once she thinks she has you snared, then what you have to look out for are mothers with health problems requiring expensive medicines, brothers with broken legs, fathers with cancer and buffalos with hoof rot.  All these conditions can only be cured with large lumps of money – yours!  So in a nutshell, the “way to find out” is to listen to the requests for financial assistance.  If they include help for family members, then that is the time for you to consider slipping on the running shoes.  Got the message, Petal?