Rubbish in the streets



Has anybody noticed the bags of rubbish along Naklua Road? Every 3 meters there’s a pile of open rubbish surrounded by flies and insects. I’m sure the rats have a ball in the early hours when things finally quiet down. The pavements are filthy, is it now too much for local restaurant owners to keep the street in front of their premises clean?

One would have thought that given the year we have just had that everyone would be doing everything in their power to make tourists and visitors as at home and as welcome as possible. They aren’t getting great value for their money due to the exchange rates, the ocean is polluted, there aren’t any rubbish bins on the beaches, every second drain smells from high heaven and now the main roads have become a rubbish tip.

There are other options, cleaner options for visitors how long is it going to take for the penny to drop for business owners in Pattaya?


Ed’s reply: Local rubbish collection happens late at night, when lorries are less likely to affect traffic, and less likely to be seen by family tourists.  Residents place their rubbish at the edge of the road before retiring for the night, and like magic it is gone when they awake the following morning.  However, we can understand how someone out walking between the time the rubbish is placed for pickup, and the time it is actually picked up, might have a dim view of this practice.