A plastic warning


Dear Hillary,

This is a warning to all financial card holders. I forgot to take my ATM card out of the machine, and it swallowed it. First off you have to wait for the technician to come and open the ATM. The bank staff don’t know what time that will be, or perhaps they like to keep the time fluid, just in case I was setting up a bank heist. If your card has gone missing, now the fun really starts. Go to the bank where you opened up your account and bring your book bank and passport. As I set up the ATM account 15 years ago, would I remember? Next the bankbook (Book bank in Thai). Who carries that around with them? Not me, and it is officially lost. Now go to the police station and report that it is lost. A backhander speeds the process. Now back to the bank and the branch that you used 15years ago. Money changes hands again, but this time over the counter. More forms to sign, apply new passwords (after you had taken the first 10 years memorizing the lost one). Now test new card and you’re away. That only took half a day or thereabouts. Answer: double check your wallet after using the ATM.


Dear Milo,

A cautionary tale. Yes, my Petal. We run our days on plastic – just don’t mess it up!