Loans to bar girls


Dear Hillary,

How many of the people who write to you are genuine? Many of them are amusing, but rather unbelievable. Just how dumb can these people be expecting that a bar girl is going to repay any money “loaned” from the unsuspecting bar fly. For one they haven’t got any money to repay the loan and even when they do get some money it is spent on a party for the other ladies in the bar. The other amazing thing is the tourist who sends money back to a bar girl whom he had as a companion for two weeks, so he sends several thousand baht each month, so she doesn’t need to work in the bar any more until next Xmas when the sucker comes over to the arms of his girlfriend who has been patiently waiting just for him (and a couple of blokes from Germany and one from Sweden). If these are true, how do you keep a straight face?


Dear Gary,

Straight face? Sometimes with difficulty, but Gary is just pointing out what people like yourself already know. Not everyone is as wise or informed as you are, Petal. But on the other side of the coin, the “couple of blokes from Germany and one from Sweden,” are having the best times of their lives, and so what if it costs them a few dollars (or euros?), can you put a price on that? They are still having a better time with ‘film star’ ladies than they have as a single male in their own countries. You are the one doing the complaining, Gary, the couple of blokes from Germany and one from Sweden have not written in to me.