85 percent ain’t bad


Dear Hillary,

So I miss spelt a couple of names: you can call it quits if you want: actually you can do whatever you like, it’s your column.  You can do whatever you like that is, except to convince me that your figure of 85 percent (reply to James) of all Thai foreigner marriages, are between foreigners and processional (sic) Thai’s, is anything but an overindulgence of the Yuletide spirit.  Unless of course there is relatively little difference between Professional Thai women and the sex workers that frequent the bars.  I have only ever had experience of one Thai woman, who without doubt came from the ‘professional classes,’ and she exhibited all the same characteristics of the ‘bar girl’: an obsession with money and what it was spent on, jealousy, a stubborn refusal to improve her English (despite being widowed by a young Englishman, and having lived in England for several years), an aversion to all cuisine except Thai and an inclination to laziness; the main differences were that she didn’t have tattoos, didn’t smoke or drink. Isn’t it the case Hillary, that all Thai women are fundamentally alike, and the individual characteristics are just fashioned by circumstance?

Happy New Year,

Johnny Foreigner.

Dear Johnny Foreigner,

With as much respect as I can muster, please try reading James letter again.  He is a man happy with his marriage to a Thai woman, but voiced the opinion that 85 percent of marriages to Thai women were by sex tourists.  I replied, “Where did you get that figure of 85 percent of Thai-foreigner marriages are between bar girls and what you call ‘sex tourists’?  Let me assure you that “sex tourists” do not come to Thailand to get married.”

You then go on to say that all Thai women are just the same as the bar girls, and your opinion comes from your “experience of one Thai woman.”  Come on Johnny!  You met one Thai woman, made up your mind, and so all Thai women are the same.  Please re-think that statement, and be a little more polite in your letters in future, which is why I cut out some of your more colorful language.  And, a Happy New Year to you too, Johnny.

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