Buffalo sick again


Dear Hillary,

Need your help with the family buffalo.  I have been getting along fine with a Thai girl I met last October.  I met her when I was over on holidays and we have been emailing each week.  I also send her some money, not much, but 30,000 THB should be enough to keep her happy.  This month I was given a new request regarding money for the family buffalo up-country.  I have read that this is a scam, but I don’t want to disbelieve her.  Should I ask for a copy of the bill from the vet?  I don’t want to upset her, but am not sure.


Dear Jack,

Here you are sending 30,000 baht a month to someone you met eight weeks ago.  You must have “sucker” tattooed on your forehead.  Come on, Jack, be real.  Of course this is a scam.  If the buffalo is that sick, let her pay the vet’s bills from the “salary” you send her each month.