Anti-social media


Dear Hillary,

What do you think of the current smart-phone craze?  Everywhere you go you see young people tapping away on their phones instead of talking to each other in person.  I have seen four girls at a table, none talking to the others, but all studying their phones instead.  I have heard of women (they seem the worst) sending messages to their friends instead of just ringing them up.  Is this just a passing fad or is it going to be worse?


Dear Gerald,

The age of the “social media” is upon us, Petal, and there’s nothing you or I could do about it.  I have heard it described as the “anti-social media” and your description of the girls at a table fits that idea very well.  The old saying “If you can’t beat them, join them” comes to mind.  I honestly believe that there will be a swing back towards people talking to each other in the flesh again.  The smartphone is the current “new thing”, but there will be something else just as diabolical in its place, I am sure.  “Virtual handshakes” perhaps followed by “virtual gropes” or worse!  I eagerly await these new developments!

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