Pascal’s Amazing BBQ Buffet Dinner!



Salmon and Tuna.

This is the only time in this Dining Out review I am going to mention the depression generated by the Covid-19 pandemic. It really is a case for us all to ‘move on’ and enjoy life again. For me, part of that life and living enjoyment is gastronomy, and an old personal favorite restaurant is Casa Pascal, 19 years on Second Road and the subject of this review.

If you haven’t been to Casa Pascal, then you have missed a dining out treasure and culinary pleasure. Comfortable seating arrangements with large tables and chairs. The ambience is relaxing, and Kim, Pascal and the attentive staff make sure you are happy. And do go to the rest rooms on your visit, quite frankly the best in Pattaya.

Waiting for your BBQ choice.

Casa Pascal is known for its innovative cuisine and that is exactly what is on offer in Casa Pascal’s BBQ Buffet Dinner.

If you are going to dine as a family outing, Casa Pascal’s buffet will keep children trooping back and forwards from table to buffet as they learn about different items, such as Beef Carpaccio.

Pascal, who is a fount of knowledge of all things culinary, can also introduce your family members to the differences that make dining such a pleasure. For example, what is involved in the preparation of Beef Tatar at the table. Or wild Dover Sole which is French and goodness knows what, now is it Brexit Sole?

I have said many times that food should be fun as well as sustenance. Casa Pascal is fun and offers Pascal’s home-smoked smoked Norwegian Salmon, smoked in Pascal’s own smoker, for example.

I always recommend that when about to partake of a buffet, take a good slow trip around so that you get a working idea of what is on offer, and Pascal has certainly given the diner enough to look for.

A groaning table – take your pick.

There is also the fact that there is the indoors section with around 15 different cold cuts; for example Russian Eggs, and outdoors with the griller another 15 including chicken breast, chicken wing, chicken leg, and different sausages. If you feel like pork loin – there is a choice of smoked or roasted. Add to that a marinated eggplant.

There is a section for Thai items with Laarb, Red curry, Tom Kha and more. Your Thai guests will not feel left out.

If you have any space left there is a cheese platter including a very delicious blue, and desserts with a crème brulee.

Quite frankly, there is such an enormous choice making the BBQ Buffet something of a bargain around THB 650.

While there is a no alcohol edict (don’t ask and embarrass yourself), Pascal has a selection of non-alcoholic drinks, such as Sangria, which is very close to an alcohol taste on the palate, or Pina Colada.

Many different dressings.

Pascal is someone who put his heart and soul into his kitchen and in fact the entire restaurant. Do try.

By the way, the Brunch Buffet is from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at THB 265 and still very popular.

Casa Pascal’s BBQ Buffet Dinner

Pattaya 2nd Road
Adjacent Ruen Thai, Opposite Avani
Tel. +66 (0)61 643 99 69, 038 723 660
GPS: 12.928697, 100.879844
Open 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Plenty of secure parking space – Closed Mondays