With no beer in Pattaya, German faces ugly prospect of drinking water

Mueller misses the days when he’d buy a big Chang and sit on the beach to drink it.

A German Pattaya expat put into words what so many Thais and foreigners were feeling after the government extended Thailand’s ban on alcohol sales: “Why didn’t you give us more advance warning?”

Chonburi banned alcohol sales April 12, two days after Bangkok but with virtually no lead time to allow people to stock up. The ban originally was to last only through April 30, so those who only bought enough for a few weeks were caught out when the government extended the ban nationwide “until further notice.”

Thai media quoted a deputy health minister on May 1 saying the ban will last until May 31.


None of that went down well with a German expat who only gave his last name: Mueller.

As a German, he’s a proud beer drinker. At his house in Pattaya you’ll find two large refrigerators. One for food. The other for beer. Water? Who needs it, he said. Beer has water in it.

Can’t drink at beer bars, either. They’re all closed due to the prohibition.

Mueller is married, but travels frequently back home. But not now. Travel restrictions and border closures are keeping him here and, with more than 80,000 Covid-19 cases in the fatherland, Mueller said he feels safer in the Land of Smiles.

But the fridge is getting bare and Mueller misses the days when he’d buy a big Chang and sit on the beach to drink it. Maybe he’d meet up with friends and drink until the sun set. No more. The beaches are closed and 7-Eleven has replaced Ferderbrau with Fanta.

“The ban was too sudden,” he complained, saying he’s used to drinking every day and now feels weak and listless. “It’s so sad to stay home with no beer to drink.”