13.4 million Thais meet criteria for 5,000-baht cash subsidy


BANGKOK– More than 13.4 million people have already been found eligible for the 5,000-baht cash subsidy under the No One Left Behind Project. On May 8, 2020, a total of 11 million people will have received the subsidy from the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry of Commerce will transfer money to the remainder next week.

Mr. Lawaron Saengsanit, Director of the Fiscal Policy Office, as spokesman for the Ministry of Finance, said there are a total of 28.8 million registered people. Of that, 4.8 million people are those who re-registered and 1.7 million people didn’t meet the criteria. There are 22.3 million people who met the criteria and 4.4 million of them were shown to be eligible for the cash subsidy in the first round. He went on to say that 5.1 million people have already submitted additional information and 3.8 million people have been shown to be eligible after submitting an appeal. As a result, 13.4 million people are already eligible for the subsidy. The authorities have been verifying the additional information submitted by 9,000 people. There are 500,000 people who haven’t submitted additional information and 1.8 million people whose appeals are under review.

On May 8, 2020, the Ministry of Finance will transfer the subsidies to additional eligible people and a total of 11 million people will have received the cash from the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry of Commerce will complete the screening process by May 17, 2020.

The Ministry of Finance’s spokesman admitted that there are still many complaints about the project. The most common problem is an invalid bank account and the Ministry of Finance has already allowed people to change the information. For those who have completed the amendment, the subsidy will be transferred to the modified bank account the next day. However, those who make multiple revisions may encounter problems and are advised to apply for PromptPay by attaching it to their ID card number, so that the subsidy can be transferred.

As for the issue of unsuccessful registration due to incorrect ID card number, encountered by 1.7 million people, he confirmed that the Ministry of Finance is in the process of looking for a suitable measure to take care of this group of people. (NNT)