Savory scrambled egg


Scrambled egg is one of the best known breakfasts.  “Go to work on an egg” was the advertising slogan for the Egg Marketing Board many years ago, and many people did and still do.  However, sometimes you need to just add a little something more to the humble egg, and this is one of the best ‘up-market’ scrambled eggs you can make for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Cooking Method

In a medium bowl, whisk together the eggs and milk using a fork.  Whisk in the salt and pepper.  The more you beat, the fluffier the scrambled eggs will be.

Heat a small non-stick pan with some butter over medium heat.  Quickly fry a handful of finely chopped onion pieces in the butter with the mushrooms and ham.

Pour the scrambled egg mixture into the pan, and cook.  Stir, scrape, and cut up the eggs while cooking until no liquid remains, and serve on hot buttered toast!