Thailand-Japan collaborate on ‘Robot Automation Project’ on Eastern Economic Corridor

JETRO Bangkok president, Atsushi Taketani and EECO deputy secretary-general for investment and international affairs, Luxmon Attapich.

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) in Bangkok implements the Thailand-Japan Collaboration on JETRO Robot Automation Project to develop the robotic and automation industry in Thailand.

The project that includes seminars is aimed at responding to the Thailand 4.0 policy and enhancing the competitiveness of Thai products and services.

It presents new technologies and innovations from leading large-scaled companies. The Eastern Economic Corridor Office (EECO) coordinates cooperation between Thai and Japanese operators participating in the project.

JETRO Bangkok president Atsushi Taketani said that in Southeast Asia Thailand was highly attractive to Japanese investors and Japanese products were well accepted. The project was presenting benefits and experiences from robots and automation systems, he said.

The project consists of three parts. One is a website that gathers information about Japanese robotic and automation operators. The second part is the organization of the “Thailand-Japan Collaboration on JETRO Robot Automation Project” seminar on Dec 16 to give updates on the robotic industry and the development of human resources in this field. The third part is to present results from a survey on the robotic and automation industry.

JETRO Bangkok will also organize a business negotiation session for Thai operators in February next year.

Luxmon Attapich, EECO deputy secretary-general for investment and international affairs, said robotic and automation technologies were necessary for the development of industries in Thailand and EECO hoped that the project would allow Thai and Japanese operators to develop the technologies.

She said that EECO was supporting robotic and automation investments especially in the Eastern Economic Corridor. (TNA)