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Chonburi woman begs return of kidnapped puppy

A Chonburi woman pleaded to two women captured on CCTV dognapping her Golden Retriever puppy to return the pooch, promising not to prosecute if...

Distant voices

King Philip I of Castile, also known also as Philip the Handsome, had a short reign.  At the age of twenty-eight, just two months...

Uriah Heep ‘Outsider’ – 5 Stars

Uriah Heep are an institution in hard rock circles and as British as Yorkshire pudding - finishing every concert they play with the stirring...

Life at 33 1/3: Jumping the wrong train

Moody Blues: The Magnificant Moodies (Decca) Denny Laine’s voice had an angelic quality, the sound of loneliness and beauty, suitable for heart broken ballads, the...

Become the world’s best portrait photographer

Irving Penn and Richard Avedon, Norman Parkinson and Andy Warhol, are all famous portrait photographers. What is to stop you joining that exalted list?...