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Measure for measure

Last night I was browsing through my well-thumbed reference book The Art of Music Engraving and Processing. It was written in 1970 by Ted...

Back Pains? Get down on your hands and knees

One of the commonest ailments to result in a GP consultation is low back pain. The cause of this is locked in the history...

Kids can take great pix

Looking over many of the out-takes I should have thrown away, showed me that I took a lot of shots of almost exactly the...

Pattaya gears up for 2019 Rugby Festival next weekend

The hot season has well and truly arrived and this can mean only one thing. As well as the temperature, tensions are also rising...

How not to break the bank on streaming services

New York (AP) — With more TV streaming services than ever before, from newcomers like Disney Plus to stalwarts like Netflix, consumers may feel...