Movies: Moonfall

Watch the Moonfall movie to see who wrote the caption in outer space.

This is the last in a long line of movies which show something really big about to the hit Earth and wipe out civilization as we know it. One of the first was the 1950s “When Worlds Collide” which revealed a rocket-based escape of lucky humans who made it to the star Zyra just before our own planet was burned to a frazzle. The special effects for the period were very good, except that the landing on Zyra revealed a snow-capped mountain remarkably similar to Mount Fuji.

In Moonfall, the moon is knocked off its orbit by an unknown force and ends up on a collision course with us. When everything looks lost, two astronauts and a conspiracy theorist put on space-uniforms and discover that the moon is not all that we believe it to be. There is, for example, a moon monster living on the dark side which can make life absolutely awful to anyone who gets near enough. There are echoes of Alien and lots of other space monster epics, but tinged here with a tongue in cheek ethos which you won’t like if you prefer your horror movies very horrific.

Due for release February 4, 2022.