Movies: Against the Ice

Against the Ice is mostly shot in sub-zero blizzards, or so it seems.

This historical drama reunites Game of Thrones actors Nikdaj Coster Walden and Charles Dance in a semi-true tale of survival in the ice. It was widely believed 120 years ago that Greenland was in fact several islands. The United States even put in a claim for ownership of one of them. The Alabama Expedition of 1909 set off to prove that Greenland was in fact one island and not broken up into pieces.

So the scene is set for travels across the ice in the freezing cold and the usual collection of near-disasters, avalanches and chance encounters with animals you would rather avoid. But it is based on a true story so you have to put up with some media exaggeration. What nobody seems to recognize is that the name Greenland was a wonderful christening by the Vikings, who got there first, in the Dark Ages. No greenery in sight, but a first-class bit of marketing to encourage people to go there.

Against the Ice is now streaming on NETLIX