TNSO survey finds Thais spending more time reading, at 37 minutes a day


BANGKOK, 23 April 2014 – The National Statistical Office (TNSO) has revealed that Thais are now spending more time reading, and children have been found to be the group that read the most. 

The findings were based on the result of a survey jointly carried out by TK Park and the TNSO during June and July of 2013 involving 55,920 sample families. The survey found that on average, Thais aged 6 years and above spend 37 minutes reading each day. This was a 10% increase from the 2011 figure. Time spent reading through electronic mediums also counts toward the 37 minutes average.

The survey found that Bangkok residents read the most, followed by those in the Central Region, the Southern Region, the Northern Region and the Northeastern Region. It also found that book discounts, motivation from family and educational institutes and the availability of public libraries contributed to making people read more.